Unleash The Beast

We all have bad habits. We do things we're not supposed to do and don't do things we're supposed to do. We eat things we're not supposed to eat and don't eat things we're supposed to eat. We're all smart enough to know what is and isn't healthy for us, right? So why in the world do we continue these bad habits?

Benjamin Franklin sought to cultivate his character by earnestly practicing 13 virtues (i.e. order, silence, frugality, tranquility, moderation). Being the smart man that he was, he understood the risk of failure should he attempt to achieve perfection of all thirteen. Instead, he zeroed in on one each week.

Isn't it time to break free of your unhealthy habits and reclaim the control you have for your life?

Unleash that beast inside of you and resolve today to be a better version of yourself.


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