To Do: Run

It was a busy three-day weekend. Busier than normal, if you can believe it. Busy with fun stuff, and busy with productive stuff. Always moving…that’s how I would describe the last 72 hours.

And today is more of the same. I actually took the day off work in order to accomplish more…to be able to cross off my list an orthodontist appointment and a vet appointment and grocery shopping and more yard work. Funny that even after a three-day weekend, I have to take a vacation day to stay caught up. Whew...

But at this moment in my day, I sit here in an empty house. The kids are at school and Bob Marley sings out from my iPod. The dog is asleep on the carpet and the sun is breaking through the clouds outside. I sit here smiling. It was a good weekend, for sure.

Amidst all that was done, however, I forgot to feed my own soul [sigh]. And as I sit here at the desk, mentally reviewing a long list of things I still want to accomplish, I understand that NOW is my time to go for a forget about the chores and missing library books and what to make for dinner. NOW is the time to say that I am worth it; that I am in need of some "Kelly Time."

So, as of this moment right now, a 4 mile run moves up to the top of my To Do list. Everything else can wait.


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