The Dance

When two people run together, no matter the natural pace of either individual, together they dance. Don't you agree?

I often run alone, but when I chose to log my miles with someone by my side, I feel like it doesn't matter who takes the lead up the dirt trail. It doesn't matter what I ate or did or said the night before. It doesn't matter what shoes I'm wearing or what races I've raced...for on the trail the conversation flows, the mind is quiet, the two souls are at ease, at a place where they belong, just works seamlessly.

I love, love, love the old movies, where out of nowhere, the male and female character break into song and dance; a song that represents everything their hearts desire but cannot articulate, and a dance where both characters were born knowing the steps. As a result, the two move as one across the set...seamlessly.

That's how it is running with a "running buddy."

Some of my friends are fearful of running with me, fearful they can't keep up, I guess. But what I wish these friends understood is that I run alone to run alone with my thoughts. And I choose to invite friends on a run...for the friendship, the companionship, for the dance.

I am at ease while dancing. My soul has no constraints and I am only who I am right there at the moment on the dance floor. "When you run with someone, you become vulnerable to them," a good friend said recently. And I agree.

The same goes for dancing.


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