Sunshine And Dirt Trails

Sometimes love doesn’t work out. And when you find yourself at the end of the fairy tale, without your happily ever after… you have to let yourself feel sad. Just for a truly feel the feelings you feel.

     And then you must pick your strong person up, be intentional about only remembering the good and keep on trucking.

Sometimes parenting isn’t easy. On those days, it’s okay to put yourself in a “mama time out.” It’s okay to throw up your hands, lock the door, cry, and wonder if you are royally screwing up your kids.

     But then you must open the door to your locked bathroom (isn’t that where everyone goes to hide from the little ones?) and let the loves-of-your-life enter with giggles and hugs.

Sometimes you make mistakes. You make big ones. You make big ones that hurt the people you care about the most [big sigh].

     And in those times, you must say you’re sorry and ask for forgiveness. You must accept the consequences, and you must remember that who you were yesterday isn’t who you are today. And that who you are today isn’t who you will be tomorrow (that’s the exciting part!). 

And sometimes - like today - a run just plain sucks. You feel old and out-of-shape. Your head is full of thoughts and you bounce back and forth between Pandora stations, ultimately unsuccessful at finding the perfect beat to keep you going. You label yourself a sucky runner and consider taking up jujitsu or kayaking or indoor soccer instead.

     But as you sit in the car afterward, tweeting about your miserable experience…oddly enough, you still feel like a runner. You still get excited about the next two mornings of trail runs. And you sit there, acknowledging that life isn’t easy. Love is complicated, parenting is challenging and sometimes - sigh - you make mistakes.

As a runner, you find yourself resting comfortably in the fact that tomorrow is a new day, full of sunshine (here in California anyway) and dirt trails and, more importantly, an opportunity to be better and do things better.

And run better.


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