My Body Speaks

I am a runner. And I love to run.
But I also practice yoga (admittedly, not nearly as often as I should).

I run for what it does for my soul. I run, not for race bling or to lose weight. Instead, I run to lose the expectations and titles of life. I run to clear my head, and at times, to simply forget.

My body, however, is trying to get my attention. For weeks now, my back and neck have become increasingly tighter. My posture is noticeably less-than-ideal. My knees ache, my IT Band is flaring up just enough to remind me of its position and for over a month now, I have been experiencing acute pain at the point where my right hip and thigh meet.

I feel like my body has created a colorful cheer poster and is jumping up and down on the sidelines, screaming for me to pay attention.

Running shortens your muscles, right? Which makes stretching quite important. So an intentional effort to do more yoga should be exactly what my body needs to be happy and balanced.

Interestingly enough, I have been contemplating the start of a structured strength training plan. Maybe these aches and pains are my body's way of agreeing to that and gently leading me to my mat.


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