More Friends Than You Know

2013, for me, has been the year of friendships. I’ve needed friends. I’ve wanted friends. I’ve been helped by friends. I’ve felt loved by friends.

Maybe that last declaration is the most poignant to me. I’ve had friends over the years, but this year, I fully and unequivocally permitted myself to fully and unequivocally accept the love they had to give. The love they wanted to give. The love so many had all along, but in my stubborn and independent soul, I hadn’t realized.

It’s said that God has a gift for us, His people. But it is up to us to grab hold of that gift and truly make it ours. Friendships are, in many ways, the same. And 2013 has been the year - THE YEAR -  that I reached out and accepted the gift of community.

Never in my life have I felt more blessed than I do right now, sitting here, thinking of all the dear friends that surround me.

To all of my friends, both close to home and states away –

Whether you run with me…
Encourage me to stretch
Meet me for lunch
Invite me to breakfast
Let me hide
Bring me out of hiding
Check in on me
Join me in celebrating
Bring me a bottle of champagne
Let me cry unexpectedly in your presence
Capture rogue lizards for me
Help me move
Fill me with strength during weak days
Smile with me during strong days
Make me laugh
Drive my kids to practice
Offer hugs
Email me great songs to hear
Give legal advice
Challenge my way of thinking
Fix my website design screw-ups
Tell me your dreams
Listen to mine
Remind me who I am...

Thank you.
I am ending 2013 a better woman because of you.


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