HOW TO...Clean Your Running Shoes

Running shoes. We all have them. Most of us have more than one pair. And then there are people like Peter, a 30-something dad, teacher, and slightly obsessive runner. He admits to having a major running shoe problem (which makes my high heel collection seem tame).

One joy of running is that very little gear is necessary. Sure, a water bottle is nice if  heading out for an hour or more. A Garmin is useful to track stats. A hat, sunscreen and Smart Wool socks are smart (FYI - those are my favorite running socks).  Of course, for safety and inspiration, you can't forget your Go Sport ID.

But truth be told, all you need is a good pair of running shoes.

*     *     *

I've spent the last two weekends "winterizing" my house (I'm in California, however, so I imagine it's nothing like what Jim has to do in Minnesota). Along with cooler temps and high winds, the rains are coming soon. This means the trails will be muddy, and my shoes might get wet. For this reason, I thought it appropriate to do some research on how to care for my well-loved and well-worn running shoes.

When I came across Joe's Quick Cure For Wet Running Shoes, I knew I needed to pass it along. Joe and I have been friends for a while; first on Twitter, but we officially crossed over into the world of 'real life friends' when we met up during August's San Francisco Marathon.

Joe has a big heart for running and writes well. He is informative in everything from nutrition to wet shoes to how to go bigger with your own personal running habit.

As we cross into the wintery months, read Joe's running shoe cleaning guide, and take care of those shoes!

Kelly is a runner trying to live more of her life on a bike. She tweets as @lovingtherun and is racing for others as she trains for her second marathon.


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