Do You See What I See?

Seen on my run:

**A towering tree that looked more like an elephant than a tree; an elephant rearing up on his hind legs, trunk extended toward the heavens, bellowing deeply. He was a beast, towering over the people running and walking beneath him, and I imagined myself in some exotic country, where the women were adorned with beautiful sarongs and gold jewelry. I imagined I was running through the streets of a primitive outdoor market, where fabric was being dyed and herbs and live chickens were being sold.

**Vines extending from a tree that looked more like snakes than vines; long, thick, evil snakes full of venom and ready to wrap their smooth, cold bodies around any living thing that wanders beneath them. I imagined myself running through the depths of a dark jungle, where sunlight is filtered through tall dense trees above my head and the muddy water running fiercely beside me is teeming with nothing but danger below its surface.

**Two old men walking, deep in conversation. But the casual California conversation it was not. For as I saw their caps pulled down low over their eyes and the collars of their brown jackets standing tall, I imagined I was running through the old Russian countryside. The men I saw weren't speaking English, and I imagined them discussing politics, vodka, their vegetable garden and sheep.

My imagination tends to run wild and unchecked while on a trail run, and that freedom is an importance aspect of my running. My mind goes fast all day and is filled with all that I need to know and remember in order to keep the world - my world - in order. Running releases me from that mental tension and teaches me not to neglect, but instead to foster the creative brain I know I have.

Happy running!


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