Defining The New Year

With the new year upon us, I imagine most everyone has read and/or written personal reflections of 2012. December and January posts all around the web are satiated with great memories, grand victories and groovy self-improvement goals for 2013.

Last January, I wrote a post inviting 2012 to be a year of growth. Specifically, I discussed the differences between runners who gauge success based on a quantitative analysis and those who look through “qualitative glasses.” I strongly encourage you to read the post in its entirety, but if you are only stopping by for a moment, here is the statement I want to discuss today --

However you measure your success as a runner, the only thing you can truly measure it against is the prior version of yourself May 2012 be an opportunity for growth. May you rise strong above the challenges and fearlessly set out to attain the goals you made. May you run strong, love deep and do good in remarkable ways.

As I read today what I posted 12 months ago, I was struck by how prophetic the words seemed to be.

Without a doubt, 2012 was a year of growth for me. There were challenges, but I overcame. There were lofty goals, but I fought hard and saw many of them realized.  There have been several strong runs, as well as an introduction to a deep love of yoga. And I’ve experienced the truly good side of more than a few faithful friends.

Today, I am certainly a better version of myself.

I love the idea of looking forward and structuring your every day around a pre-defined life (or year) declaration. Framing the journey you want to traverse may not alter the circumstances, but focusing your mind in such a way might possibly change your outlook in every circumstance.

I want 2013 to be a year overflowing with purpose. I want to live this year with intention and be fully present in every moment, never taking for granted even the smallest delights of life.

Whether I lace up my shoes or roll out my yoga mat, I want to jump start my day with a smile on my face and a heart full of compassion, knowing that I am doing all I can do to  keep myself happy and healthy.

What about you? What is the one word to describe what you want 2013 to be all about?


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