Brokenness and Blessings

There is a great deal of brokenness in life—

Broken roofs.
Broken fences.
Broken toys.
Broken promises.
Broken relationships.
Broken dreams.

There are also a great many blessings in life—

A Christmas card from an old friend.
The first hug of the morning.
An unprovoked “I love you” from a child.
The unexpected piece of advice at just the right moment.
The discovery of a five dollar bill in your pocket.

As we experience the brokenness (which is inevitable), I think we must actively guide our attention to the blessings. For they are there, just waiting to be noticed and recognized. And it is in seeing the blessings of life that we best handle the brokenness of life.

I am more susceptible to perceiving blessings after a run. Or after a mind-clearing yoga session. Or after a deep conversation with a friend (another blessing!).  Or after a really long hug from one of my kids.

It doesn’t take me long then, to see and understand the ebb and flow of life. And in that, there is balance.


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