A Time For Every Event. Even Running?

I have spent the last twelve months loving the run.

I have also spent that exact amount of time running a household, getting two young kids where they are supposed to be and doing what they are supposed to be doing. I have done great things for my employer and lived a life fully as a full time single mom.

Yes, I had a boyfriend and a small circle of support...but please believe me when I say that 2015 has been a rather complicated year.

My last race was October 2014 - a beautiful Johnny Cash-themed half marathon (I finished under two hours - YAHOO!!). One week later, I was forced to swoop in like a mama bear protecting her cubs and extract my kids from a bad situation.

My 50% custody arrangement went to 100% custody overnight.

Since then, I can count on one hand how many times my feet have hit the trail. And every very occasional run feels like the first run in forever.

But -

I love to run.

I love to run as much as I love red wine and sleeping in on Sunday mornings. I love to run more than dessert and Banana Republic and way more than my current addiction to Scandal.

The book of Ecclesiastes says that there is an appointed time for everything and a time for every event under heaven. For me, 2015 just wasn't and isn't my time to run.

But I am loving the run, and I am determiend to use the run as a catalyst to a bigger, better and more beautiful life. Stay tuned.


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