A New Exposure To Fitness

Today I want to talk about soccer and baseball and kids.

Little League season has begun, and for all the reasons why I love apple pie and the American Flag and grandma's home cooking, watching youth baseball is one of my favorite springtime activities.

Between competitive soccer, futsol (a mini-version of indoor soccer) and being bumped up to the Majors in baseball, this spring, my son is being exposed to a new level of fitness.

I remember when I started running. I just wanted to run...and run...and run. I was focused intently on tracking every mile and then tracking how the miles made my soul feel. Stretching, recovery, nutrition, proper hydraytion, etc...were easily pushed to the back of my mind.

It wasn't until serious injury to my IT Band that I realized I could no longer get away with "just the run." In order for my body to maintain the miles I was asking it to do, I had to care for it at a new level.

So I learned how to incorporate into my life as a runner, more stretching, better nutrition, a proper recovery and rest period, etc...

My athletic little ten year old is at a similar juncture, and it is opening the door to fantastic conversation and life lessons being learned. If he wants to continue playing ball at the intensity he is playing, he must be mindful of his whole being. He must use the remainder of his time efficiently in order to stay caught up on school work and chores. He must eat well. He must rest his body.

All of this allows him to be the best athlete he can be.

It is an amazing thing, being a mom and giving your kids the opportunity to learn more about how to be healthy, whole, and content.

Healthy, whole and content kids turn into healthy, whole, and content adults (and the world needs more of them, don't you think?).


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